Invictus Capital: Weekly Wrap 01.04

Dean Adair
5 min readApr 2, 2022

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Market News

It’s the end of a quarter, but the beginning of a new era for Invictus Capital. From today, our open-ended investment funds are now regulated mutual funds managed by a licensed investment manager — a monumental achievement for the entire Invictus team. We’d like to thank all of our investors who have joined us on this journey thus far. We’ll continue to offer the same stellar fund management and quality of service that you’re used to, but now with additional peace of mind.

In markets this week, the US yield curve, as measured by the difference between 2- and 10-year bond yields, inverted, and a flurry of debate erupted over the validity of this classical recession signal in the era of QE. Despite the debate, commodity and energy price inflation compound the need to continue aggressively hiking interest rates, and point to a very real chance that we see recessionary conditions over the coming 18 months. Bond markets are signalling 4 rate hikes from the ECB over the next year, while in the US they’re calling for two subsequent 50bps hikes at the next two meetings after already hiking in March.

This has seen an extended period of bullish momentum for crypto and equities appear to be at risk of petering out. Tuesday saw Bitcoin, and most equity indices globally hit their weekly high — with Bitcoin just briefly breaching the $48,000 level. Gold edged down over the week alongside rising long-term bond yields in the US and Europe as markets continue to price in higher-and-higher inflation outcomes each passing week. Bitcoin subsequently experienced a price correction towards the end of the week, finding support at the $45,000 level. This will be a key level of support going forward.

Indicators (25 March — 01 April)

Invictus Polygon Token Migration

Being at the forefront of innovation since our inception in 2017, the Invictus Capital team launched the world’s first tokenized crypto index fund, Crypto20. Now with a five-year track-record as a pioneer — and trusted player in the digital asset industry — we are very proud to have become the world’s first administer and regulated and tokenized mutual fund, with daily liquidity.

Find out about upcoming Regulatory updates, the Polygon token swap, new wallet features, and claiming your regulated Polygon tokens.

SolStreet Updates SolStreet March Roundup

Token Genesis Event plans, the SolStreet Block Party, and our Latest Dev Updates and Changes: check out the March roundup here.

Invictus NFT Lab Updates

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Podcast with Michael Amery

Today’s host Shado Twala (@shadotwala) welcomes our guests, Michael Amery, One of the NFT Lab’s participating artists.

Michael Amery was born in Cape Town, South Africa. Amery completed a BA in Applied Design at the Stellenbosch Academy of Design and Photography in 2007. He then worked as graphic designer in Cape Town, moving from a full-time to a part-time position as his art has gained more interest. He now works exclusively on his art. Amery has participated in a number of group exhibitions, and had his first solo show titled Trees by Man at David Krut Projects in April 2016, which sold out immediately. Amery works in a variety of mediums, including; charcoal, ink, oil, acrylic, lino cuts and sculpture.

Watch it here.

Podcast with Stanislaw Trzebinski

Today’s host Shado Twala (@shadotwala) welcomes our guests, Stanislaw Trzebinski, One of the NFT Lab’s participating artists.

Born into a creative family in Kenya, and has been moulded by the cross-section of African, Arabic, and European culture embodied in the region. After a brief stint studying at the Pratt Institute in New York, Africa continued to call and he made the move to Cape Town, South Africa to become a sculpting apprentice. His sculptures celebrate the human form, combining muscularity and a sense of movement with protruding shapes and a sense of mysticism that combine to demonstrate an incredible understanding of anatomy from the largely self-taught artist.

Watch it here.

Invictus Margin Lending Fund Rebranded to Invictus Stable Growth Fund

T Invictus Margin Lending (IML) Fund has been rebranded to the Invictus Stable Growth (ISG) Fund.

This change is a reflection of the evolution that the fund has undergone since its inception and its aim to provide a better description of the fund’s current strategy and return profile.

Read more here.

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CryptoCompare Digital Asset Summit in London

Other News & Links

  • Invictus in the Press/News
    1. The Invictus Sales Team: Haydn, Tom and Ivor attended the CryptoCompare Digital Asset Summit in London on March 30.
  • Syntropy News
    1. The largest sports betting and gaming group in the world, Entain, has announced that they are leveraging Syntropy’s global relay network with their decentralized autonomous routing protocol (DARP) to connect their data centers across the globe. Read the post here.
  • Quantfury News
    1. For March 2022, the latest month of Quantfury spread revenues, $0.0214 in ETH worth of QDT tokens was minted and available for pay and burn per each QTF token.

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