Invictus Capital: Weekly Wrap 04.03

Dean Adair
4 min readMar 5, 2022


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Market News

The week kicked off with a massive market rally, allowing Bitcoin to register it’s largest daily green candle in over a year after surging over $6,000 and touching $45,000. Global markets initially reacted very positively to the news that the US and many other Western nations said they will not get directly involved in the Russia-Ukraine war.

However, the reality of rising oil prices (which breached $110 this week) driving inflation and the expected rate hikes to bring it under control could not be ignored. The Fed’s Jerome Powell made this point during midweek addresses, helping stem the slide in bond yields that began Monday. By the end of the week Bitcoin had retraced back to the $41,000 region, with Ethereum and most altcoins following a very similar trajectory.

Equity markets were not quite so volatile, with last week’s trends continuing to play out: less-geopolitically-exposed US stocks continue to edge upwards, whilst European indices continue to slide. China, too, continues to suffer as the country braces for a coming commodity shortage due to the war. Gold continues to benefit from increased global uncertainty, and a clearly-weaker global growth outlook.

Taking a step back from price action, crypto once again demonstrated its potential, with Ukraine raising over $50 million via crypto donations. Inflows ramped up on Wednesday when the country’s official Twitter account initially confirmed an airdrop for donors. However, Mykhailo Fedorov, the country’s Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Transformation, walked this position back, instead proposing the issuance of NFTs to support the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Finally, in a promising development for the Invictus Hyperion Fund (IHF), portfolio company Syntropy has announced the successful award of a patent for the Decentralized Autonomous Routing Protocol (DARP) that is the backbone of the Syntropy tech stack — helping validate the team’s hard work, and cementing their position as pioneers in networking technology. A number of additional patents are pending approval.

Indicators (25 February — 04 March)

Polygon Token Claim Details

Invictus funds will become fully regulated and migrated to Polygon! This is a huge milestone for us and represents the world’s first regulated fund using tokenisation.

Check it out here.

Invictus NFT Lab Podcast

Previously a criminal lawyer, Janko de Beer used to use art as a way to get away from the law until he fully embraced painting and sculpting as his full time job.

His contribution to the Out of Africa collection is the first sculpture he ever made named Mysticism which forms part of his series of horses.

Today, one of his pieces is housed in the home of the King of Morocco!

Watch it here.

ICAP Governance Coming Soon Token (ICAP) is just over 1 year old and will soon be extended to include a governance aspect where invested users are given the opportunity to shape the future of Invictus Capital.

Read more here.

The Invictus Roadmap

We are excited to announce the upcoming Invictus Capital roadmap and new features coming up in the next few months.

Find out about upcoming Regulatory updates, the Polygon token swap, new wallet features, the Invictus App, and the Yield Vault.

Read it here.

Invictus Yield Vault

Invictus Capital is thrilled to announce the public launch of the Invictus Yield Vault. The Yield Vault allows qualifying lenders the opportunity to lend a minimum amount of $25,000 BTC, ETH and/or Stablecoins for highly competitive interest rates to Invictus Alpha, Invictus Capital’s trading division.

The minimum for 12 and 18 month loans has been reduced to $10,000.

The Vault is now seamlessly integrated into the investor portal on the Invictus Capital website! Prospective crypto lenders now have a single web location to effortlessly view Yield Vault information, crypto lending interest rates, FAQ information, and contact our Yield Vault Team.

To view our rates and contact our Vault team, please visit our landing page.

Schedule a call with the Invictus Sales Team

Schedule a call with Tom or Ivor from our Fund Sales team if you have any questions or need assistance with your Invictus investment(s).

Alternatively you can call us on +1 (345) 769–7491 between 7:00–16:00 GMT.

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