Invictus Capital: Weekly Wrap 05.11

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Market News

It was a record-breaking week as the crypto market continued on its remarkable run, with the total crypto market cap breaking all-time highs by reaching $2.7 trillion on Wednesday. This was despite Bitcoin having a relatively slow week — briefly dipping below $60k before recovering. Conditions in the market’s fringes — like Shiba’s recent wild ride to 90c and back down to around 45c — suggest that retail participation is picking up.

The most recent market rally has seen relentless growth of layer-1s blockchains like LUNA, AVAX, and Solana. This week saw each of the aforementioned cryptoassets, in addition to DOT, break all-time highs, as investors increasingly realise that the future is likely to include multichain interoperability as a key component of the blockchain world. The C10 fund is exposed to all of these assets, with the Invictus favorite breaking all-time highs in excess of $9. Running counter to the trend was the performance of Cardano, which saw its market cap overtaken by high-flying Solana — now the 5th largest cryptoasset.

Elsewhere, Facebook’s recent rebranding to Meta has reinvigorated interest in crypto metaverse projects. With all the recent hype, projects like Decentraland (MANA) and The Sandbox (SAND) have exploded with returns of 172% and 177% for the week as investors speculate that the crypto metaverse will become a multi-billion dollar industry.

In traditional markets last week’s bearish signs were mostly forgotten as above-expectation manufacturing PMI readings across most of the globe supported sentiment. Markets latched onto this as evidence that the global economy is on a high-growth trajectory, after stagflationary doubts had begun to set in over recent months. This provided an ideal backdrop for the Fed’s interest rate decision, with Chairman Powell announcing the planned June 2022 end of quantitative easing — with the programme beginning to slow this month already. Powell softened any potential impact by including messaging that the Fed would continue to support the economy, even at the risk of inflation running hot, softening rate hike expectations somewhat. This avoided a repeat of the 2013 Taper Tantrum sell-off, with the S&P500 hitting all-time highs in the decision’s wake and the dollar strengthening notably.

Indicators (29 October — 05 November)

Invictus Incubations: Invictus Makes Foray Into Fast-growing NFT Space

Invictus is proud to announce involvement in two new NFT projects: The Invictus NFT Lab — Out Of Africa Collection and the incubation of Air Guitar Academy.

Read more in the recent article here! Check out the Litepaper.

The Invictus Podcast: Episode 8

Today’s host Alexis Boshoff welcome our guests, Michael Deon & Ben Blaine from Air Guitar Academy.

Check it out here.

Invictus Yield Vault

Invictus Capital is thrilled to announce the public launch of the Invictus Yield Vault. The Yield Vault allows qualifying lenders the opportunity to lend a minimum amount of $25,000 BTC, ETH and/or Stablecoins for highly competitive interest rates to Invictus Alpha, Invictus Capital’s trading division.

The Vault is now seamlessly integrated into the investor portal on the Invictus Capital website! Prospective crypto lenders now have a single web location to effortlessly view Yield Vault information, crypto lending interest rates, FAQ information, and contact our Yield Vault Team.

To view our rates and contact our Vault team, please visit our landing page.

Borrow Against Your Crypto With Peace of Mind

Crypto users can now borrow against their crypto secure in the knowledge that their investment will not get liquidated.

Invictus Alpha (the trading company of Invictus Capital) has engineered a new product that is offering users the opportunity to borrow USD-based stablecoins (or BTC and ETH) against BTC and ETH with no risk of liquidation.

Check out the articles here and here. To inquire, please complete this form.

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