Invictus Capital: Weekly Wrap 08.04

Dean Adair
5 min readApr 9, 2022


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Market News

Markets had a tough week overall, with bonds, equities, and crypto all selling off following the release of the Fed’s minutes for their March meeting Wednesday — which were mostly interpreted as a further hawkish shift — though in reality there were no real bombshells. The minutes revealed a plan to trim several trillion dollars from the central bank’s balance sheet, with the goal of reducing it by $95bn a month starting in May. Alongside this, there is a clear intention to continue hiking rates, with many of the board calling for more aggressive 50bps hikes, and the revelation that without Russia’s invasion of Ukraine we’d have already seen this in March.

Global bond yields rose across the board, with real yields similarly shooting up. The dollar gained significantly in the wake of Wednesday, with capital flows attracted by the now-higher rates on offer. The euro suffered; the European Central Bank is judged by the market to be further behind the curve on combating inflation — especially considering European politicians are embracing an energy price shock for the ages in their attempts to starve the Russian economy. This bodes well for European investor’s returns invested in the newly-renamed Invictus Stable Growth (ISG) fund.

Over the week, Bitcoin initially struggled to break through strong resistance at $48,000 with a sharp slide alongside traditional markets from Wednesday. Bitcoin dropped to as low as $42,600, with the majority of alt coins having large sell-offs. C20’s NEAR (a next generation blockchain with extremely promising tech) was a clear outlier, rallying from around $15 to $20 over the latter half of the week. BTC has stabilised around the $43,000 mark but will need to show strength above $45,000 if we want to see the upside target of $51,000 being met and to avoid a further sell off.

The Terra blockchain continues to grab headlines following the Luna Foundation Guard (LFG) announcement last month that they would purchase up to $10bn in BTC for their UST reserves, starting with $3bn initially. They had another busy week this week, purchasing an additional 5,040 BTC, boosting their stash to a total of 35,678 BTC backing the UST reserve. They were not done there and have announced a partnership with Avalanche where LFG and Terraform Labs (TFL) purchased an additional $200m of Avalanche (AVAX) with UST and Luna. This will be an additional asset backing the UST reserve and the partnership will aim to strengthen the use case for UST and the Terra ecosystem as a whole.

Indicators (01 April— 08 April)

Invictus Polygon Token Migration

Being at the forefront of innovation since our inception in 2017, the Invictus Capital team launched the world’s first tokenized crypto index fund, Crypto20. Now with a five-year track-record as a pioneer — and trusted player in the digital asset industry — we are very proud to have become the world’s first administer and regulated and tokenized mutual fund, with daily liquidity.

Find out about upcoming Regulatory updates, the Polygon token swap, new wallet features, and claiming your regulated Polygon tokens.

Invictus NFT Lab Updates

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NFT Lab Out of Africa Launch Video

Own, trade & take delivery of Physical Art through the blockchain. 43 contemporary Southern African artists are contributing to the professionally-curated Out of Africa collection. The curated collection covers paintings, sculpture, photographs and more.

Watch it here.

Invictus Margin Lending Fund Rebranded to Invictus Stable Growth Fund

The Invictus Margin Lending (IML) Fund has been rebranded to the Invictus Stable Growth (ISG) Fund.

This change is a reflection of the evolution that the fund has undergone since its inception and its aim to provide a better description of the fund’s current strategy and return profile.

Read more here.

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