Invictus Capital: Weekly Wrap 16.04

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Invictus Wrap-up; Q1–21 Report Executive Summary

This year has picked up where 2020 left off, with continued rapid expansion of Invictus Capital as a company (we’re still hiring!) and a breakneck crypto rally. Our AUM growth surpassed expectations in parallel with a barrage of incredible headlines that continue to demonstrate that the crypto market is on the cusp of breaking into the mainstream. AUM swelled 50% to end at over $100 million, with a peak of $112 million achieved in February.

This was driven largely by booming altcoin prices and fantastic performance for our index funds C20 and C10, while IML’s risk adjusted returns continued to dominate its competitors, with an APY of 20% achieved over the quarter.
Our product and tech teams were successful in delivering on the launch of the ICAP community token, with the first ICAP minted on the 4 January. The timing was impeccable, allowing our loyal users and newcomers alike to share and contribute to our continued success. The token’s value rocketed from $2.30 at launch to $13 over the course of the quarter, and investors who had the confidence to stake their fund tokens at inception have been well rewarded for their decision. However, an impressively high proportion of ICAP remain unmoved and unsold. This, in my eyes, indicates the growing faith that our community has in us, and we hope to be able to surpass even these high expectations.

The quarter did unfortunately bring tragic news in the passing of Jorge Farias, the CEO of Cryptobuyer — a Hyperion Fund portfolio company. Our deepest condolences go out to his family, friends, and colleagues. We are confident that his legacy will live on in the Latin American crypto community.

The highlight of the first quarter’s roadmap is the just-launched Binance Smart Chain integration that allows investors the optional use of the low-fee blockchain for investment onboarding, helping alleviate the greatest concern newcomers have — the high costs of interacting with our platform in a regime of extreme Ethereum network congestion (the blockchain is currently a victim of its success).

This is still only the beginning; we are all hopeful that the growth of our team is reflected in continued growth in our reach. It remains our mission to provide a truly world-class, holistic alternative investment experience to all investors, whether big or small, over the coming quarters and decades. Please read on to uncover a wealth of content, including broad crypto and traditional market commentary, company updates (now with a regular section on ICAP), and concise fund-specific reports where we elaborate on this quarter’s stellar performance.

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Indicators (09 April — 16 April)

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